Our Mission

Our Mission

To set a new standard of excellence, we understand the importance of hands-on project management, strong leadership, creative problem solving, team building and a well­ rounded knowledge of the entire construction process, from permitting and preconstruction to punch list and close out.

We believe the quality of the construction process is as important as the quality of the construction. From project conception to preconstruction, execution, close-out and warranty service, our role is to anticipate and manage the risk inherent in construction.

Our formula for long-term success relies heavily on our ability to recognize future trends, adapt quickly to changing markets, and execute with the proficiency, safety and quality we have become known for. Our traditional, core competencies will always be there. We pride ourselves on the individual talents of each of our managers and workers, which, when called upon to perform together on a project, result in a true sense of team accomplishment.

Our corporate culture is unique to the construction industry because we recruit all our people based on their skills, attitude and track record for unselfish teamwork. Our core values—passion, integrity, professionalism and hard work—are inherent in every E. J. Smith Construction employee, and you can feel the positive energy in the offices and our job sites.

We offer our employees many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. In fact, training and developing our people is our "number one" corporate strategy for achieving our vision. We offer additional innovative employee development programs like the Career Start Program, which allows employees to experience various project team roles firsthand before committing to a career, and the Mentor Program, which assigns new employees mentors for advice and guidance during training.

The six qualities of excellence
    •    The confidence of take charge
    •    The capacity to anticipate problems & provide cost effective solutions
    •    The ability to focus on the details
    •    The spirit to collaborate
    •    The creativity to innovate